Mittwoch, 11. September 2013

manuel cosentino

manuel cosentino’s work ‘behind a little house’ is an intimate participatory art project where wall-mounted photographs and a participatory artist book lead the viewer to turn from an outside observer, a spectator, into an active participant.
the first image resembles a big-bang like notion, that sets everything into motion, while the last picture represents a new beginning – ‘that piece of ‘carte blanche’ that we are all given with our lives’. the book is an essential part of the project.'as for the location, I never mention where the little house is, I prefer it to transcend geographical placement and become an idea.'

'we all live under the same sky after all…'

Dienstag, 10. September 2013

aubrey hays

aubrey hay created the series ‘between dog and wolf’ where she explores our lives taking place in between domesticity and wilderness. her pictures are shot at sunrise or sunset, when the light wavers in such that a dog on the horizon could perhaps be the lurking shadow of a wolf. aubrey’s body fits oddly into the surrounding, sometimes she even appears almost invisible, blending with the nature around her. she’s grappling with the uncomfortable, the disquiet, the unknown, she points on our overwhelming need to overcome isolation within these rural spaces. ‘through the perseverance of remaining within the landscape, sturdiness takes shape as the wolf appears. It is my ever-challenging paradox of intimacy and distance, which draws me to the environment, yet stands in the way of my ever fully anchoring to a place.’

found on ignant