Donnerstag, 15. August 2013

chad wright

master plan (2013)

"for the first part of this series, wright created a mould in the form of an L-shaped suburban dwelling, and set out a series of sand castles on his local beach. This scale-model suburbia was washed away by the tide, which perhaps urges us to consider the relative transience of so solid a symbol of the american dream, particularly since the 2007 subprime mortgage collapse. "

artist’s statement: 
"In master plan, I am conflating a child's sandcastle with architecture typifying postwar american suburbia. This three-part series culls artifacts from my childhood, investigating suburbia in its vision and legacy.phase One focuses on the mass-produced tract house, re-examining it as symbol for the model american dream."

 © chad wright

jackson patterson

recollected memories

"through photomontage I continue my exploration of the narrative that emerges between subject and space and time. the work reflects various photographs that I have taken merged with other from my family's albums.

I find myself inspired by the stories that come into focus when we collocate the medium of photography with 21st century technological practices, the cultural influence of our country's migration west, and the personal history of family.

each blended piece possesses its own original story, in addition to the one viewer takes away.

© jackson patterson

Dienstag, 13. August 2013

massimo conti

" our best shoots are placed in our memory. They are simply there, somewhere... and they represent our private archive... Nobody can touch... nobody can see "
- massimo conti