Donnerstag, 15. November 2012

maciek jasik

a very inspiring, thoughtful and profound photographer.
he primarily focuses on the psychological impact of manufactured society and questions of character and the self in a media saturated world.

if you'd like to read more about jasik, there is a very intresting interview in the only magazine empty kingdom
if you would like to see/read more: website, facebook

a few statements by maciek jasik about his recent work:

the idea of the single soul is the basis of western religion and society. it is the source of individuality and desire. and the portrait defines this self by exposing the soul through a clarity of vision. we feel we can sense the texture of a soul through the details and subtleties of the subject's expression.

"in reality however, every ego, so far from being a unity is the highest degree a manifold world, a constellated heaven, a chaos of forms, of states and stages, of inheritances and potentialities. it appears to be a necessity as imperative as eating and breathing for everyone to be forced to regard this chaos as unity and to speak of his ego as though it were a one-fold and clearly detached and fixed phenomenon. even the best of us shares the delusion" - hermann hesse, the steppenwolf

'we can instead conceive of the soul as a composite of thousands of disparate souls, evolving and changing, extracted by circumstance and reaction.  This series seeks to shed light on this great expanse within us, beyond what we aim and hope to be seen as, and into the far reaches of our psyche, dark corners unknown to us until the very moment they emerge.'

a thousand souls

bypassing the rational

'in the 19th century, photography allowed painting to pull away from detail to focus on an emotional response to reality. with 'bypassing the rational' I am knowingly retreating from the details which draw and entice us, and which allow us to judge. seeing every pore, every scar and sag is not a route to intimacy, it is a pretence.

instead of focus only reaches part of the figure. the rest is a blur in a vibrant, limitless sea of color, a confluence of emotions and feelings, this evokes the traces of memory we have for each other. the limited focus demonstrates our inability to ever fully understand each other. this action becomes so pronounced, genders can be difficult to discern, even the bascics can't be taken for granted.


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