Freitag, 29. Juni 2012

juan prieto

a few words by juan prieto about his own work, which I do not want to hide from you.

"I like to think about all these matters. I like to imagine how the earth would be without human beings, how it would be without what we call civilization, or with humans, which would be more conscious about their surroundings. What would happen if the evolution would merge us together with different kind of species generating unthinkable ways of life. I like to imagine scenes where the boundaries are blurred, where there's no difference between men and plants or animals, scenes habituated by characters where there is a clear perceptive towards the unique weave of life.
I am not looking for an innovation with my images, or trying to be part of a trend, I seek for honesty and desire to give answers to my own aesthetical and conceptual questions. Some are calculated, directed, even designed images, which intend to synthesize a story, others are mere instants, frozen as they come, that capture the reality of my life interpreted by a lens."

check out the previous post about his work.
and please visit his website or his flickr profile

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