Sonntag, 18. März 2012

joeri bosma

this is a story about joeri bosma. his work shows simplicity, rawness and intensity with a little bit of mystery in it. nature plays a huge part in his photos. joeris use of space in is his photos are breathtaking. It’s always impressive to watch him disappear in the surrounding, when he begins to be a part of nature. he’s a master of camouflage and light, it’s mesmerising.
with his work he’s creating kind of a public diary that is both intimate and expressive.

and something else has to be said, i love his sometimes incredibly unimpressed facial expression. even if a cat is about to jump in the face or a horse is affectionately nibbling his sleeve - there is no reaction in his face.
his deadpan humour in the decriptions of his photos and his stream makes me smile.

it’s always good return to his flickr stream and watch him growing.
please visit his flickr profile, like his facebook fanpage or follow his tumblr for seeing some outtakes.

©  joeri bosma

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