Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2012

faber franco

i was really struggling finding my words to express what i feel when i see his work. words for describing his wonderful work of art.
he kind of seems alone and forsaken, the way he sits or lays there, gazing off into the distance with a streak of sadness. but at the same time i wonder what is going through his sensitive, wistful dreaminess mind. because there is a feel of hope. like he’s hiding in a different world. where people never grow older. where children stay children. a world full of paper planes, stranded sailors, little horses and birds in their nests.
but beware of the darkness because it can reach you everywhere, so watch your step.
but nevertheless, i would follow him to this world without hesitation.
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  1. I discovered his stream some time ago and I have to say, he is absolutely amazing. his photos are so expressive, so gentle, fragile, simply beautiful.

    1. you chose the perfect words to describe him. you're so right!

  2. wow, impressive work! he certainly has a great portfolio and a wonderful future ahead.

  3. really impressive! like the previous post ... (so I look more ...)

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