Mittwoch, 26. Dezember 2012

olaf breuning

since the late 1990s, olaf breuning has produced quotation-rich works, which refer back to the imaginary visual memory of the west and its pictorial worlds. he has gained recognition through his films, staged photography, and colourful, huge-eyed, infantile sculptures and drawings, which comment on reality in a laconic manner. 


Freitag, 23. November 2012

fabian oefner

dancing colors
making sound waves visible

what you see on these images are color pigments dancing on a speaker. by placing the pigments on a speaker and then playing music through it, the membrane of the speaker starts to vibrate, creating these funny looking figures. to capture the very moment, in which the pigments are lifted into the air, a microphone was attached to the flash system. Like this everytime the micro picks up a sound, it triggers the flashes.


Freitag, 16. November 2012

maciek jasik II

the remaining thread

in cities, buildings, living rooms, makind has constructed a world for itself.
carefully inserted in between are shrubs, lawns and trees, elements of nature, neatly places as a pleasant visual counterbalance, a faint reminder of our origins.

it's become easy to forget that nature is an ecosystem, a living, breathing world - in truth, the only reality. and this reality is within us always, wheter we accept it or not. psychologically, we respond, wheter in the forest, desert or ocean. therein lies our deepest connection with ourselves.

deprived long enough, we inevitably forget the real thing; when confronted, we consider it annoying, unnerving, alien. and if we do not, if we sense the manufactured as inauthentic, we are placed in opposition to this society. and so this remaining thread of feeling, of kinship for nature, can unravel into a nightmare. individually we can escape; collectively our fates are interwined with every calamity borne of our making and from nature's recoil.

pueblos jovenes

there is a simple, clean beauty in free-market capitalism. in this idealistic view of human beings as wonderfully rational and capable actors there is a spark of the energy of what is possible. my work is an examination of the results of this ideology, how a 'freedom to be an economic actor' is a façade for 'freedom from providing services.'

looking deeper, this idealism laid bare is dangerously dishonest; this dream played out is a free petri dish for the greater city. maybe it will play out well, and the elite will gain a new member. if it doesn't work out, it didn't cost a thing. the remains settle back to the barren earth, the dreams and efforts absorbed and digested.

this series of photographs was taken in the pueblos jovenes, or young town of lima, peru, in september 2008.