Freitag, 18. März 2011

maggie lochtenberg

her photography is like taking a flashback to the 1950-60s.
something between reality and a world where mermaids and other beautiful creatures are hiding.
untamed wilderness, freedom, light heartedness, nature, romantic, mystery but fear and danger as well.
a lightrope walk of pain and joy.
different, unique and very inspiring -  this is maggie lochtenberg.

i don't want forget to mention her wonderful drawings!
please visit her profile

© maggie lochtenberg


  1. Hello! You have a very good taste for pictures and images... I have included your site at my list. Blue and flying kisses for you!!!

  2. schöne fotografien. ich bekomm lust nackig mit blumenkranz geschmückt, am strand eine psychedelische erfahrung zu machen ;).

  3. Wow.. Your pictures are so great. They impress me, very fascinating!


  4. yeah this photos are this what i all the time searched
    they are so different and beautiful