Samstag, 22. Januar 2011

dara scully

once upon a time, there was a girl. a girl called dara.
she has the sense of wonder, adventurous and childlike.
she makes us want to play hide and seek. build a castle of clouds. climbing trees. learn to fly. eat sweets.
and live in our dreams. but take care because you can awake. and find yourself not anymore in the world of neverland. there it feels cold, naked and vulnerable.
find neverland: dara scully

© dara scully


  1. I love her art.. it makes me feel kind of alive.. somewhere out of the reality. <3

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  3. Oh!!

    your words are so, so sweet (L)
    my elephant and i give you a ticket for Neverland, and if you want, you can play with the bears :)

    a big hug!
    (and cookies)

  4. this is so amazing. some of them r just magic!! <3

  5. große liebe.
    das ist so schoen.

  6. man möchte direkt reinhüpfen und ein teil davon sein.

  7. this is the coolest photos i've seen in my life. absolutely stunning, your'e awesome.