Mittwoch, 29. Dezember 2010

breathing exercises

maria (17), the girl with the most beautiful bambi eyes i’ve ever seen.
she has this endless pool of creativity , the way she uses light and shadows are breathtaking. she definitely got so much talent.
she's able to turn simplicity in her photos into something eye-opening.
maria's photography is unique.
she has a great imagination that makes each of her pictures interesting and inspiring.
her photos aren't just wonderful. they are thought-provoking.
and she's not just a genius in using light, she also knows how to find true words.
please visit her flickr profile.
and you won't be able to look away again.


    this is amazing
    one of the best photos I've ever seen...

  2. amazingly,
    made me speechless!

  3. sehr, sehr, sehr schöne fotos, doch manche hätten mir mit weniger photoshop noch viel besser gefallen, bzw. wenn schon photoshop im gesicht dann bitte auch am hals...